A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

You've heard that there is an elixir of life somewhere deep in the cave.  Go get it! There will be lots of monsters you need to defeat on your way. Remember to use items to make your character invincible! Use alcohol wisely: it  makes you a furious fighter but  a poor self-defender.


Use qweadzc to move:

q = north west

w = north

e = north east

d = east

c = south east

x = south

z = south west

a = west

s = go up/down stairs

i = open/close inventory


HP = hit points

ST = strength

DF = defense

EXP = experience

LVL = player level

ITX = intoxication

Install instructions

OSX: Download, unzip, run DrunkenCaveman.app

Windows: Download, unzip, run DrunkenCaveman.exe


DrunkenCavemanOSX.zip 29 MB
DrunkenCavemanWin.zip 14 MB

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